NARYM Energy Storage Unit

The energy storage device is an explosion-proof, field-type uninterruptible power supply unit and can be used in conjunction with RemTEK electric drives or other equipment

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NARYM Energy Storage Unit


The NARYM energy storage facility is designed to provide electrical energy to equipment in an explosive zone.

Application functions:

Accumulator / reserve - NO / NC function

Completing the RemTEK electric drives with the NARYM energy storage device ensures the function of moving the shutter into a safe state when the power supply is interrupted.

In this case, the position of the valve for the safe state of the technological unit "Normally Open" / "Normally Closed" (NO / NC) is programmed by the user in the settings of the RemTEK electric drive. The NARYM energy accumulator can be used to modernize the existing fleet of electric valves with electric drives RemTEK and equip the valves with the function of transferring them to their normal state in case of power failure.

"Power buffer"

The function provides the necessary electrical power for the electric drive and other equipment in places without a powerful source of generation.

The energy storage acts as a power buffer providing charge from the network with limited power consumption and energy output to the drive at the required power.

This solution allows the use of RemTEK electric drives with an energy storage unit powered by alternative energy sources (wind turbines, solar panels, small generators).

The composition of the energy storage unit: 

  • Mains rectifier;
  • Thermal stabilization system;
  • Accumulator battery;
  • Synchronization interface;
  • Discrete outputs;
  • Control controller;
  • 24 V supply for instrumentation equipment;
  • Buck and boost power converters

Main functions:

  • Providing energy to consumers in the event of a break or decrease in supply voltage; 
  • Power supply of actuators to perform the NO / NC function;
  • Providing energy to powerful consumers in low-power networks;
  • Uninterrupted power supply of instrumentation devices (24V).

The Narym energy storage facility can be used to modernize the existing fleet of electric drive valves with RemTEK electric drives and equip the valves with the function of transferring them to their normal state in the event of a power failure.

Input power supply voltage

400 V 3ph 50 Hz
230 V 1ph 50 Hz

Power bank output voltage

Modifications: 530V DC; 300V DC

Design solution

Explosion proof. 1Ex d IIB T4 Gb Х
To be installed near electric equipment.
Storage power modifications

675 kJ

675 kJ

Max power for connected load

1,5 kW

1,5 kW

Operating time at maximum load power

180 sec

Время работы при мощности нагрузки 200 Вт

30 min

Operating time at load power 200 W

2 А

Operating temperature

from -63 up to +50 °С

Dust and moisture protection


Charging time

30 minutes to 80% of the capacity
2 hours to 100%
Bypass power supply circuit

Yes. Immediate equipment power supply once the input network is connected.

Integration into APCS

Discrete outputs, inputs, RS-485 (Modbus RTU)

Application function
Storage Unit/Backup

Function of the valve actuation in case of power shutdown. Function to switch a process plant into safe mode. Normally open / Normally closed (NO/NC).

«Capacity Buffer»

• Supply of required electric power for electric drives in the areas without powerful generation source. Power storage bank is used as power buffer: charging from the net with a limit of power consumption, more power output to the drive. • Operation of RemTEK with power storage bank in combination with alternative power sources (wind generators, solar panels, small size generators).

The energy store configuration
  • Mains rectifier
  • Buck and Boost Power Converters
  • Accumulator battery
  • Synchronization interface
  • Discrete outputs
  • Control controller
  • 24 V power supply for instrumentation equipment
  • Thermal stabilization system