Functions and benefits

Wide functionality and reliability make RemTEK electric actuators a leader among Russian manufacturers of smart electric actuators for pipeline valves.

Functions of electric drives RemTEK
  • Explosive design
  • In-built local control post
  • Graphical indicator
  • Handwheel
  • In-built electronic limit and torque switches
  • In-built starting equipment (thyristor or frequency converter)
  • In-built heating
  • Docking with any kind of reinforcement
Functions of electric drives RemTEK
Additional functions
  • Connection to APCS systems
  • In-built position controller
  • In-built PID parameter controller
  • Functional safety SIL2
  • Monitoring and protection system
  • In-built event recorder
Additional functions
Smart functions
Registration of operational data:
  • Total number of cycles
  • Number of motor starts
  • Number of overtorque errors
  • Number of operation of motor protection by temperature
  • Total operating time of the electric motor
  • The status log of rebar (the trend of the moment)
  • Continuous internal diagnostics of the control unit
Smart functions
Effective valve management
  • Soft-start
  • Controlled stop
  • Precise torque control
  • Reduced valve wear
  • Reducing the number of starts during regulation (according to experience from 2 to 10 times)
  • Prevention of water hammer conditions (change of valve overlap time)
  • Precise regulation and the ability to quickly shut off in case of transfer to a safe state
  • Energy storage NARYM to perform the NO / NC function
Effective valve management
Resistance to Environment Exposure:
  • Shell and fastenings made from corrosion-resistant materials
  • Paint coating system certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • Compliance of the coating system with the requirements for zone C5-M according to ISO12944
  • Three-layer coating system
  • Solar radiation resistance
  • Salt fog resistance
  • Mold fungi resistance
  • Coating durability is at least 15 years
Resistance to Environment Exposure:
Service functions
  • WiFi service interface
  • Fast commissioning
  • Data read-out from built-in black boxes
  • Parameterization, adjustment
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Diagnostics
  • Electronic passport of the product
Service functions